Roger Clemens Perjury Trial Lunch Break Tweets: Salad & Chili

We’ve noticed an excellent trend out of the New York sports reporters covering the Roger Clemens perjury trial. While the normal tweet updates concerning jury selection nearly leave us choking on our dark chocolate acai covered blueberries, it’s the court lunch breaks when the real reporting gets going. Newsday’s Jim Baumbach and the NY Daily News sports i-Team have been updating us on Roger’s lunch activities.

Why is this important to BC?

Nothing reduces a super-rich athlete to commoner status like having to eat the same federal courthouse cafeteria food as us losers. Clemens isn’t eating too many Whole Foods ala carte meals. But for the next few weeks he’ll have little choice as his D.C. court case rolls on. And it seems the lunch tweets are just starting to get interesting.

Baumbach, under direct orders from Busted Coverage, beat his NYDN competitors to the cafeteria yesterday and scored this scoop.

RogerClemens spotted in courtroom cafeteria again, this time eyeing the salad station. I’m going with chicken parm special.

But it was the i-Team who pinpointed exactly how Rocket would be washing down his salad.

Voir dire resumes at the #Clemens trial. Roger was in the cafeteria with a salad and Nantucket Nectar. No Debbie sightings today.

Then we have the lead image. That is a photo taken by Rocket’s sister, Janet, of the future hall-of-famer hitting a D.C. farmer’s market. If you want a good ‘follow’ during this trial, hit her up for some wacky commentary, such as:

FACT: According to @dan_shaughnessy Clemens & Boggs not friends. NOT TRUE CLEMENS MOM MADE SPECIAL CHICKEN RECIPE & NAMED IT 4 BOGGS. “4 for 4 Chicken.” LOVED IT.