Robinson Cano Derby Girlfriend Isn’t Blonde Road Beefer From 2009 [Photos]

Got a text message from our ESPN insider at 1 a.m. EST this morning: “This was the girl Cano showed up with,” said the tipster. That was in reference to the Baseball Tonight set piece Cano did for ESPN after winning the MLB Home Run Derby. Why is the girlfriend news? We think it’s going to show you Cano’s maturity level. It seems he has officially moved on from blondes. Is it possible the legendary Cano has gone soft? We hope not.

In late 2009 we received a cable from a chick who wanted us to see Robinson Cano working the road beefers at his Miami suite. This tip came in just a few months after our initial report on Cano & Melky Cabrera popping bottles with a couple of jersey chasing Fordham students.

There were no reports in 2010 and now comes a 28-year-old Cano possibly settling down from the road beefer scene. No way the new chick is a beefer. All athletes know you keep the beefers far away from ESPN execs and the fans.

So this must be serious.

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