Greensboro Grasshoppers’ Mascot Miss Babe Ruth Statue Stolen!

It’s not exactly someone lifting the Vince Lombardi statue from Lambeau Field, but someone is apparently a big enough fan of the Greensboro Grasshoppers to steal a statue of their mascot.

The statue of┬áMiss Babe Ruth, a dog that grabs player’s bats following each at-bat, was lifted over the weekend. The life-size tribute was bolted four inches into concrete next to a bench of the team’s other mascot Guilford.

“It is really sad that someone would steal the statue of Babe,” said Grasshoppers President and General Manager Donald Moore. “At every game, kids clamor to sit on that bench with Babe and Guilford. It adds such a classy touch to an already beautiful ballpark with our two most recognizable mascots sitting there.”

Classy indeed.

Obviously the theft wasn’t terribly well planned or executed. The thieves ripped the fiberglass statue off its perch, leaving the dog’s paws bolted to the ground.

The statue is being replaced, but a new version will take weeks, if not months to finish, according to Moore.

The Grasshoppers are the Class A affiliate of the Florida Marlins.

[Statue Stolen At Greensboro Grasshoppers’ Ballpark]