Fan Makes Diving Derby Catch Into Chase Park Pool, Saves Beer! [Morning Twitpic]

We had a sneaking suspicion that the RideNow Powersports Pool at Chase Park would become a focal point for last night’s home run derby activities. But a guy jumping into the pool – with beer in hand – to snag a ball away from bikini chicks? Can’t write that script. It happened and ESPN cameras gave the guy his due, resulting in YouTube videos of the fun.

Posted: Last night

Premise of Video: Guy is chasing home run balls instead of the bikini chicks in the pool. Adrian Gonzalez is hitting and launches one 415 feet to the pool zone. Time for tank top guy to do his thing.

Climax of Video: That beer never goes under. Look at the form.

Conclusion: $100 says single, tank top guy got out of the pool without hugging those chicks who just saved his life and he went to brag to his friends about his home run ball. Just another baseball dork.