Brian Wilson Shows Off Blonde Pickoff Move At MLB All-Star Party [20 Photos]

We had a conversation with our old friend David Freedman of Tempe12 fame yesterday afternoon. BC had ambitions of getting a reporter into a MLB Home Run Derby afterparty so the initial reaction was to contact David. Come to find out Freedman had his Tempe12 ladies scheduled to work the Marucci Bats party at the Scottsdale W. But no go on getting our reporter into that bash. As a consolation prize, we had intel officers keeping tabs on Twitter accounts.

Literally the first thing that pops up in our inbox from the intel officers is an email detailing Tempe12 model Jillian Rahm.

Her Twitter bio: I love life, I love Jesus, and I believe that what we have to give in this life is is far more fulfilling than anything we could ever recieve.

And there it was, a photo with the baseball Prince of Darkness, Brian Wilson. Not sure who the friend is. Hang tight, we’ll have that tidbit by lunch.

Did you party with a MLB all star last night in Scottsdale? Want to share your story?