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ALERT! Tim Tebow Spotted In L.A. Wearing Fedora To ESPYs Party [Photo]

Just keeping our female readership, who totally lose ‘it’ when a photo of Tebow’s veins popping out of a v-neck, happy this morning. Your boy is in L.A. this week for the ESPYs and the big news, via our Twitter sources, is that Hulk has officially caught the Fedora Fever. Adjust your schedules accordingly, jersey chasers, Timmy will be in Tahoe on Thursday to compete in the American Century Golf Championship.

Here is the list of those who’ll be playing in the Century tournament: Aaron Rodgers, Tony Romo and even Jimmer Fredette are in! A Tebow-Fredette weekend could be epic. EPIC!

[HT: Twitter]

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