Relax, That’s Chris Berman Hanging On Hank Haney’s Wife Suzanne In Scottsdale

This tweet crossed the BC desk 30 minutes ago from Kissing Suzy Kolber’s Jack Kogod: Text from my cousin: “Chris Berman just showed up to the W in Scottsdale with 4 20-something blondes. There are three sporting events where Boomer never ceases to amaze us. Super Bowl. Baseball all-star game. Jim Kelly golf tournament. Of course we’re putting the pieces together on Berman’s ladies. We know at least one blonde he’s chasing. She’s semi-famous.

The blonde, above, would be none other than Suzanne Haney (yes, Hank Haney’s wife). She’s 31. She’s a model. Hank is 56. Suzanne was in Scottsdale last night for the MLB celebrity softball game. She was partying at the Scottsdale W. So was Chris Berman.

Old friend Chris Berman great reunion, Haney tweeted.

Boomer isn’t exactly staying indoors and keeping a low profile. This is his show to own. The bar scene can’t get better than Scottsdale. The Home Run Derby voice has put this city on notice.

If you would like to join the BC i-Team in Scottsdale for tonight’s post-Derby ESPN party intel-gasm, just let us know. Good possibility we’ll pick up your bar tab at the W.