Pacman Jones Neck Brace Club Arrest Tweets!

Much is being made out of Pacman Jones being arrested – AGAIN – on disorderly conduct charges outside a downtown Cincinnati bar early Sunday morning. The guy, if nothing else, is a walking comedy of errors. Whether it’s gun play, Making It Rain or the now infamous neck brace, this brainiac knows how to get a party started. According to one Cincinnati-based Twitter user, Pacman was destroying a club before going to the poke.

Cincinnati TV station WCPO caught up with Pac after he spent 8 hours in jail. The Bengals DB was still in his club gear, plus the sweet tear down the right side exposing his boxers.

Court records state Jones was asked repeatedly to calm down while inside a bar called “Scene Ultra Lounge” located at 639 Walnut Street and needed to be escorted out. While outside the bar, Jones shouted profanities and moved around waving his arms violently according to court documents. While attempting to put him in handcuffs, police said Jones tightened his arms and pulled away. He had to be restrained by two officers according to the court records.

Jones was wearing a neck brace that he said was from a recent surgery following an injury sustained in a game last October.

“Didn’t resist arrest. I’m in a neck brace. How am I resisting arrest?” said Jones. “I just had surgery. So why would I be resisting arrest? It doesn’t make sense for me to resist arrest.”

Which brings us to Twitter user Chris Casseday, who live tweeted Pac’s state of mind before the eventual arrest.

My dude Pacman Jones is killing it in here. Thriller dance mixed with some pop and locking. Haaaaaa

Oh yeah he’s wearing a neck brace too…my dude pacman. Comedy.

@hosienation Man I was with him earlier in the night. He got arrested after he left and went to another bar. He was acting a fool though.

@hosienation No sir, he was actually pretty chill at the bar I was at. He was talking to everyone. I guess it got out of hand once he left

Wait just a minute? Only one guy in Cincinnati updated Twitter as to Pac’s state of mind? How is this even possible? Shame on you Cincinnati. You people have smart phones? Have Twitter apps on those piece of junk Sprint phones?

We know there are more of you with Pac stories. Send us an email with details. More neck brace stories & pics, please.