Hottest Mavs Fan Heather O. Wants Hottest Rangers Fan Crown [21 Photos]

Now, before you guys destroy us for posting a “Hottest Rangers….Gallery”…gallery, you need to understand that we were in negotiations with infamous #FriskyFriday model @heathero14 before the dude fell out of the stands Thursday night. There is a time for mourning and then we move on. Our original goal last week was to sex up Bud Selig’s all-star game. Heather was game. She owned a Rangers jersey and a shirt. Add a smart phone & we get this gallery.

Originally the “World’s Hottest Mavs Fan,” Heather is set on destroying the Texas competition when it comes to Hottest championships.

Us: Are you a Rangers fan? Would you mind taking some photos for us?

Heather: yea i am lol ill take some :) i have a rangers shirt and jersey lemme shower right fast and ill tke some :)

The emails started rolling in a few hours later. 3 photos at a time until a 21-pic gallery had been built to perfection.