Florida Drunk Hits Woman In Casey Anthony Verdict Fight [Cuff ‘Em]

In 7 days Casey Anthony will be a free woman. Free to live it up any way she would like. Free to start dating again. And fellow Floridian Robert Aydin Hakimoglu will be waiting for her with open arms. You see, Big Rob is a huge fan. How big of a fan? He’s willing to hit a woman during an argument over the verdict, then jump into a alligator-infested river to evade cops and swim all the way home. Wait until you see what Rob would like to do with Casey.

Florida just keeps getting weirder:

Officers were called to the Melbourne Beach pier about 11:55 p.m. Saturday about a fight. At the scene, officers said they tried to make contact with the suspect, 42-year-old Robert Aydin Hakimoglu, who was accused of hitting a woman in the face while he was intoxicated.Police said Hakimoglu saw officers approaching, so he jumped off the pier and into the Indian River.The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office helicopter, along with Melbourne police, Indiatlantic police and the Melbourne Beach Fire Department, searched the river for two hours but did not locate Hakimoglu, authorities said.

The fuzz eventually caught Rob and got to the bottom of this case.

Police said the argument started over the Anthony trial. According to officers, Hakimoglu agreed with the jury’s decision and said he would like to meet Anthony and “maybe have kids with her.”

We can only hope that Jose Baez sends along the offer. That girl really needs to get back on her feet with a nice gentleman.

[Cops: Man Arrested In Anthony Trial Fight]