Diamondbacks Swimming Pool Facts, Home Runs & Mark Grace Trivia

We’re guessing there will be plenty of attention paid to the RideNow Powersports Pool at Chase Field tonight during the 2011 MLB All-Star Home Run Derby. The novelty of hitting a home run in the pool, we’re guessing, will create huge excitement from TV viewers hoping for a pool fight over a $10 baseball. It’s perfect TV. Of course your buddy Todd will think he knows everything about that pool. Here are facts that will totally silence that know-it-all buddy about the pool in right-center.

RideNow Powersports Pool Facts:

• 35 people, $3,500/per game

• $750 catering cost

• Pool: 3-feet shallow end; 4-feet deep end

• Jacuzzi: 3 feet deep

• First home run to splash down in pool: Mark Grace, May 12, 1998 (as member of Cubs)

• Pool is 415 feet from home plate

• Your own private bar with plasma TVs

• 5 parking passes

• Diamondback home runs = fountain eruptions over pool

As of June, 2010 there had been 42 swimming pool home runs

– Andre Ethier is last visiting player to drill one into the water since 2008

– 21 road players have put one in the water. 21 Diamondbacks had done the same

• Oldest player to ever hit one in the pool: Julio Franco in 2007. He was 48.

• Curt Schilling gave up 2 pool shots during his career with Diamondbacks

• Mark Grace is all-time pool ball home run champion (3)