2011 MLB All-Star Drinking Game

Living in Phoenix, I am beyond excited for the MLB All-Star Game to start.  To help you share my excitement and relive the days that I still wish I was drinking at Arizona State. So without any further stupid commentary about my life,  here is your 2011 MLB All Star Game drinking contest.


Beer (preferably beer brewed in Arizona try 4 Peaks Brewery)


Shot Glass

There are three different difficulties to choose from.  Once a player chooses a difficulty he/she must also do preceding difficulties.  Player must always take a shot of beer unless otherwise instructed.

-Anytime a hot chick is shown in the pool
-The number 3,000 is mentioned
-The word desert is mentioned
-Anytime someone mentions its over 100 degrees
-Player/Manager interview in the dugout


Choose any 3– When the image is shown on TV or action is complete take a shot of tequila
-Video of the 2002 all-star game is shown (infamously known as the tie game)
-D-backs World Series win over the Yankees is shown
-Arizona immigration law SB 1070 is mentioned or protestors shown
-Kirk Gibson World Series home run is shown
-A home run is hit into the pool or Fridays Front Row restaurant

–Anytime there is a strikeout (for a called strikeout take 2 shots of beer)
–Anytime there is an extra base hit (take shots for bases, as a double is 2 triple is 3 home run 4)
–Anytime there is a pitching change
–Anytime there is a steal
–Anytime there is an error