The Stephen Curry & Ayesha Alexander Wedding Gift Registry Is Knife-y

Since it’s the new fad to track down athlete wedding gift registry listings we figured it was time to check in with Stephen Curry & Ayesha Alexander, who are marrying July 30. This registry was slightly a tough nut to crack because Steph isn’t listed as the one of the registrants on the Williams-Sonoma account. His mother, Sonya, is along with the future bride. The highlights: organic towels & a $120 salad serving bowl. 

Before you ask, no, Steph won’t be getting a gift from Busted Coverage. Make a few more all-star teams and we can talk.

Don’t judge these gift requests too harshly. Let’s remember that Steph is now locked out of the NBA and risks not making a paycheck on his $2.7 million per year for many, many months.

Our observations on the wedding registry:

• Not a big fan of $189 knives

• $300 blender? Seriously, what could that possibly do that a $60 Target blender can’t?

• Birch handle steak knives – love ’em

• A friggin’ asparagus pot! Had no idea those even existed

• And finally, a $90 bottle of olive oil

Congrats to these two lovely kids as they embark on a life of cooking and waiting for the NBA lockout to end.

*Is there a wedding registry out there that we’ve overlooked? An offensive lineman getting hitched and registered at Bass Pro Shops? Tip us off.

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[Stephen Curry & Ayesha Alexander Wedding Gift Registry]

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