Paige Duke Nude Photo Scandal Twist: Sister Tweeting Kardashians, Ellen


Well, the normal 24-hour news cycle for B-list scandals such as Paige Duke’s 6-year-old naked photos published on the Internet isn’t going to die. But that could be her own fault at this point. The normal routine for most B-list scandals is to remain quiet for 2 weeks while the dust settles. Then maybe hire a PR team & get on Good Morning America. Nope, Paige & her sister Katie are going nuts to keep this story hot. Tweeting the Kardashians?

There’s a good chance we would have awakened this morning and not plan a follow-up to yesterday’s blockbuster, but a quick scan of the Duke sister Twitter accounts shocked us. The two are literally teaming up on a media blitz with this “Miss Sprint Cup Fired” story. Radio stations are falling over themselves trying to get the former Clemson student to do an in-studio.

Woody and Wilcox have died and gone to Heaven.

Then there is Creepy Jeffrey from 106.5 getting a Paige Duke reTweet for digging up old appearances. But the bread is buttered by the tweets sent out last night by Katie. The obvious person who needs to know about Paige’s ordeal would be Kim Kardashian, right? And Khloe? And Ellen?

C’mon, rookies, you should know that Ellen doesn’t get into the tragic stories where a 20-something needs to express regret. That’s what the Today Show and Good Morning America are for. You should be tweeting @GiannaToboniABC, a GMA producer who would likely love to fly the Duke sisters to NYC for a Monday appearance.

And what can the Kardashians do for you? Want exposure? Try Fox & Friends. We suggest tweeting this guy – @kilmeade.

He’ll either get you on the show or fly down to South Carolina for a date. Either way, it’s a win-win.



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