Illinois Mayor Bans Lingerie Football League Players From City Picnic!


Crest Hill, Illinois Mayor Raymond Soliman would like you to know that he’s protecting his town from the evil-doers from the Lingerie Football League. That’s right, Ray has made a decision to BAN Lingerie Football League players from the Chicago Bliss, who were scheduled to appear at a photography booth. Wearing shorts. T-shirts. You see, there are government officials out there just trying to protect your children from EVIL hot chicks.

According to a suburban newspaper report from The Herald-News:

The Crest Hill City Council had returned from the holiday weekend to unanimously fill an empty planning commission seat and proclaim July Park and Recreation Month. That is where the unity ended.

Sparks flew as a couple aldermen disagreed with Mayor Raymond Soliman’s decision to ban the Lingerie Football League from appearing at the picnic. Resident Mark Gregory told the council he rented a booth and invited the players as a gimmick to build his photography business.

“As the mayor, I am responsible for the image the city of Crest Hill wants to project,” Soliman said.

Soliman, who said he is friends with Gregory, noticed Gregory’s promotion on Facebook. After reading the photographer’s description and researching the league, the mayor believed it was inappropriate to have at a family picnic since the business booths will be in the same area as the children’s games.

Alderwoman Claudia Gazal called the mayor’s decision discrimination since the players would be dressed in T-shirts and shorts, not in their lingerie uniforms.

Just so we’re all on the same page, Crest Hill is the city where John Wayne Gacy was put to death. We also need to understand that Miss Illinois was allowed to be present at the 2010 picnic.

Mark Gregory has been busy building support for his cause via Facebook. Ironically, the guy also claims to be a sports reporter. We’re always here to support a fellow brother. Look, the mayor is a moron. If the Bears’ cheerleaders were to make an appearance...oh, wait.

We hope cooler heads prevail between now and August 7 and Heather Furr (the LFLer – 2010 league MVP – who is supposed to be signing autographs) has her lockout orders lifted.

[Crest Hill nixes lingerie football]

[Heather Furr – LFL 2010 MVP]


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