WAG Amanda McCarthy’s Birthday Tweet To Brandon Is Very Ballsy [Photos]


We’d never heard of Amanda McCarthy, wife of Oakland A’s pitcher Brandon, until a chance meeting on Twitter yesterday. It seems that she’s an active WAG. Not only does she do road trips to wherever the A’s are playing, she also documents these adventures via Twitter and a brand new blog. Did we mention she was a fashion model? The real reason we’re here today is to appreciate the fantastic tweet Amanda sent out for Brandon’s birthday (today).

After a brief 10-15 minute analyzation of both McCarthy Twitter accounts, we must say that they might be the best B-list WAG couple tandem pumping out 140-character messages. Amanda complains about spam bots sending her porn and Brandon is angered by the ASPCA Sarah Mclachlan tear-jerker commercials.

Brandon has also been known to trash-tweet Aaron Rodgers. Folks, looking for a new power couple to follow and maybe throw on a VH1 reality show? Here you go. Brandon is 27. No word on Amanda but the guess is 26. Maybe a series where Amanda travels across the country, following her husband to various ballparks where she has to battle WAGs from other teams for the best seats in the house.

In one episode, Minka Kelly is having a bad day but is craving popcorn and a prime seat at Yankee Stadium. Um, guess where Amanda is sitting? Yep, in Minka’s seat. There is a confrontation. Both are wearing white wife beaters on a hot, August night. Suddenly, Mrs. McCarthy slaps the barrel out of Minka’s hands and there is a WAG-off.

Think about it, VH1. We’ll be waiting.



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