Soccer Stud Ferdinand Has Road Beef List Read Aloud In London Court!


Ahh, love us some Sun newspaper on a Thursday afternoon in the summer with the NFL and NBA locked out. It’s true, we’ve been crossing the Atlantic quite a bit lately because we’ve become quite bored by baseball players and women’s World Cup. Enter the Manchester U. legend Rio Ferdinand. Dude is now 32, has made HUGE coin & has left a trail of road beefers that just happened to be exposed in a London court yesterday. So…much…fun!

According to The Sun gossip hounds, Ferdinand is embattled in a lawsuit with a U.K. newspaper over published reports that he was having an affair with an interior designer.

Married dad-of-three Ferdinand, 32, is suing over a Sunday newspaper story about an affair with an interior designer.

The list of Ferdinand’s lovers was given to a judge – with enough for the ace to field a women’s SOCCER TEAM if he also roped in his wife.

The names of ten girls who claim to have been bedded by the randy Manchester United idol were revealed by lawyers portraying him as a shameless love cheat.

At least seven have said the Red Devils defender romped with them while he was going out with Rebecca Ellison – now his missus and mother of his three kids.

And then, in one of the coolest court moves you’d never see in the U.S., 10 ladies who alleged to have been been road beefing Ferdinand were named. We tried to track down as many of these ladies as possible, but it seems most haven’t joined 2010-11 when most people in the Western hemisphere joined Twitter. Not even going to waste time this afternoon trolling Facebook. It’s sunny and 80. You get what you get.

The list:

POP IDOL CONTESTANT Sarah Whatmore, 30

BRAZILIAN MODEL Tatiane Rosalino, 26

VIRGIN AIR HOSTESS Lauren Alcorn, 31

RAUNCHY DUO Cathrine Shepherd, 27, and Savannah Benson, 26

ISRAELI MODEL No1 Lilach Yafe, 29

TOPLESS MODEL Holly McGuire, 33

STRIPPER Coralie Robinson, 22

ISRAELI MODEL No2 Tslil Sela, 22


[Ferdinand’s a bed devil – The Sun]

[@TslilSela – Twitter]

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