Natalie Gulbis Fishing Is Highlight Of 2011 Women’s U.S. Open [14 Photos]


You know why American men don’t see more of Natalie Gulbis? Because there are only 5 U.S. stops on the LPGA Tour between Memorial Day and Labor Day. It just happens that this weekend will be one of the last chances to see Gulbis and her fellow LPGAers (U.S. Open week) on U.S. soil – this year. So imagine our delight when this photo crossed our desks of Natalie going rod & reel at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs. Time for an update & gallery!

Let’s also realize for a minute that Gulbis, the pretty face of the LPGA, only has 77,000 Twitter followers. It’s not that she’s inactive. To the contrary. 3,200 tweets is ample interaction with fans. The problem seems to be that men have no idea the sport still exists. Looking at Google News today, there are less than 20 mentions of “Natalie Gulbis U.S. Open.”

Then there is the Denver Post with today’s headline that makes sense. “Good looks a game plan for some in women’s golf.” Yeah, then they totally screw it up with a photo of Paula Creamer! And there is no mention of Gulbis until the 6th paragraph. But the writer does open the story with mention of German Sandra Gal who has less than 5,000 Twitter followers.

*Shaking head*

Anyway, here is what Natalie Gulbis has been up to while in Colorado Springs. Fishing! It’s a good thing the local media hasn’t had some fun with this. One friggin’ mention in the press about Gulbis fishing. One. This is what we care about, right guys? The oddity.


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