Miss Sprint Cup Paige Duke Nude Photo Scandal Sends Internet Into Frenzy!


It has been nearly two years since Paige Duke was first profiled on Busted Coverage. It was the Summer of ’09 and we were running a Hottest Of The SEC post and needed a headliner. Paige was the girl, but we never provided you animals with her last name. Well, guess who’s in the news this morning for 5 VERY, VERY NSFW photos that were posted to the Internet and since removed. Too late. She’s lost her job as Miss Sprint Cup. Guess who has that ’09 gallery?

Paige says the offending photos, which we’ve seen the NSFW versions (nope can’t show ’em here), were taken when she was 18 and living in a Clemson dorm. The photos were sent to a boyfriend (now an ex who just might play in the NFL) and that he was the only person to ever receive them.

(Here are the edited, yet they’ll still get you fired versions.)

Duke’s attorneys have been working to have the six or seven images, which depict a fully nude Duke in her college dorm room at Clemson University six years ago,  pulled from the Internet.  Duke has yet to speak to her ex-boyfriend.  “We’re still investigating how these pictures got out there.  All we know is they came from his computer, he’s the only person i sent them to,” Duke says.

A week and a half ago, Sprint terminated Duke over the phone.  She says she was not offered a chance to explain the pictures, but understands she violated a morality clause in her contract.  She says, “I lost my job, the best job I could have ever asked for, it was perfect for me.”

Whatever the case, Paige isn’t going into hiding. Last night it was an interview with Fox Charlotte and today it’s back to work at an animal hospital. Oh, and the Twitter account is still rocking. We also see that our friends at Playboy are ‘Following.’ Stay tuned.

[Paige Duke Stripped Of Miss Sprint Cup Title Due to Naked Picture Scandal]


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