Mark Cuban Online Photo Catalog Now Includes This 69er From The 70s


There are groundbreaking Internet pieces and then there is the post that went live on Deadspin today. In the blog post, Mark Cuban is narrating his 1970s rugby party photos from his days at Indiana. Folks, this is why we wake up in the morning. And Cuban doesn’t hold back. You want pics of him nearly teabagging a coed? It’s there. You want him going 69 on the same coed? Yep, here it is. The guy owns sports culture right now.

Cuban writes,

Did we do stupid shit back then? Absolutely. Even then, we knew it was stupid. We also knew it was harmless. We could beat the shit out of each other on the field and know that we would come together afterwards and drink and be stupid and be friends. Anyone who has played the sport will tell you what a beautiful thing it is.

Whether it’s partying like a rock star with his players, taking a leak with the Larry O’Brien or treating the trophy like the Stanley Cup, the guy has his finger on the pulse of what makes a sports fan tick. He’s inside your head. You want to be him. You want half of his money. You want him to like you.

And it’s all ok. Don’t be ashamed.

[“Hey, It Was The Seventies”: Mark Cuban Narrates A Gallery Of His Debaucherous College Rugby Years]

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