Jason Whitlock Does Vegas: Implants & Dan Le Batard Straight Chillin’ [Gallery]


There was big news out of Vegas over the 4th besides the dude at Casino Royale who killed another guy with a single punch to the head. Jason Whitlock and his hunger was in the ‘hood and had a modern day sports media Rat Pack with him. It was Whitlock, Dan Le Batard (Mrs. Le Batard) and Jay Glazer just hangin’ with each other for a bro weekend of boobs, food, UFC and pool action. Sorry, ladies, no shots of Jason’s rack.

Whitlock tweeted Saturday night:

OK, I’m liqoured up. Done tweeting from Vegas.

Then he went to the UFC fights with Le Batard where they decided it was time to tame the bellies by sucking down 3 chili dogs and 4 of those monster draft beers. Or maybe not. It’s just how we envision any night out with former Ball State stud. Then the boys hit the craps table with Glazer. Not sure when the pool and strip club come into play because this Vegas trip is all a blur to us and it’s a Thursday afternoon and we’re writing about a Jason Whitlock bro weekend.

Anyway, Whits managed to snap off a few rounds of implants on his smart phone that were immediately sent to Bob Ryan with taunts of “I’m about to eat a banana split off those.”

Or that’s just how we envision it going down.

*Trust us, the women in this gallery didn’t sleep with Whitlock. Keep telling yourself that. Over and over.

Have photos of yourself and/or team pounding drinks with Whitlock and the bros in Vegas? Send ’em in.



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