Insult: Debbie & Roger Clemens Forced To Stand In Court Cafeteria Line


Um, we’ve seen older WAGs make combacks, like when Brenda Warner went from looking like Ivan Drago to a busty Red Cross volunteer.  Debbie Clemens has always been in superior shape thanks to admitted HGH use and an extensive workout regimen. The new pics speak for themselves for a woman in her late 40s. And NY media have been keeping a close eye on her during this trial. How close? They’ve been tweeting about her in a court cafeteria line.

Jim Baumbach, a Newsday reporter ordered to cover the trial, went into tweet-mode during lunch at the D.C. federal courthouse:

Lunch break in the courthouse. Jury selection will resume at 1:30 p.m.

It’s a little surreal to see Roger and Debbie Clemens on line with lunch trays in the court cafeteria. Feels like an ESPN commercial.


Current prospective juror being interviewed says he is a Nationals and Phillies fan. Prosecutor: ‘I guess that sets up conflicts some days.’


Judge just asked Yankees fan for his feelings of MLB. “Too many teams, shouldn’t be a salary cap.” Judge asked why. “I’m a Yankees fan.”

In other words, you MUST START following the tweets coming out of this courtroom. The national media (i.e. ESPN) isn’t covering the hilarity with this case. Jim less than 2k followers, which is a complete shame. Just imagine all the fun you are going to have tomorrow when the two sides try to find more jurors. Could be another 50 people called to hear 80 questions.

We’re hooked.



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