Roy Williams’ Ex Brooke Daniels Dumps WR For U. Of Houston Infielder [23 Photos]

Brooke Daniels, the former Miss Texas being sued by Dallas Cowboys receiver Roy Williams, has apparently gone from the majors to the minors.

Daniels is now dating University of Houston infielder David Murphy.

If we can attain one thing from Daniels, who held the Miss Texas crown in 2009, it’s that she likes mediocrity in her athletes. Williams hasn’t topped 600 yards receiving since Dallas traded the Detroit Lions a first-round pick for him. Daniels batted a sub-par .241 in only 29 at-bats with Houston in 2011.

At least Murphy has an excuse — he completed treatment for acute lymphoid leukemia in January after being diagnosed with the disease in September of 2007.

Daniels’ and Murphy’s relationship came to light earlier today when we discovered the following tweet on her account.

A baller on the field, cancer survivor, and a great person.Follow a charmer @DMMurphy10 also,he is dating the gorgeous missTX @Bdanielstx09

Why were we snooping around Daniels’ Twitter account? Well, that’s what we do because we’re like a virtual version of Aqualung.

Actually, no, it was the aforementioned lawsuit, silly.

That tale of woe goes something like this.

Willaims used to date Daniels and asked her to marry him in February, after the couple dated for close to a year. She declined and here’s where it gets dicey (and stupid).

It turns out Williams mailed a video proposal to Daniels, along with a $76,000 engagement ring.

That’s right, he didn’t take her out to dinner or get down on one knee. Williams recorded his proposal, shoved it in an envelope with the engagement ring and dropped it in the mail.

Anyway, Williams decided to sue Daniels and her father Michael when he asked for the ring back and didn’t receive it.

Maybe it was lost in the mail?

Williams’ lawsuit alleges Brooke claimed to have lost the ring, which would be something a gold-digging whore might say. The jury on that issue remains out, but Murphy better get in the batting cage just to be safe.

An insurance investigation prompted by Williams determined the ring had not been lost or stolen. In reality, Brooke’s father has the ring and claims Williams told his daughter to keep the ring and has proof in writing.

“He said to [Brooke], ‘I’m not like a lot of people, I don’t want the ring back. You’ll eventually come back to me,’ and she didn’t,” Michael Daniels said to the Odessa American.

He now plans to return it to avoid any further legal issues.

A temporary injunction hearing is set for Friday, when we’re sure all of this will be cleared up. In the meantime, take a look at what batting .241, being a great guy and a cancer survivor gets you.

[Dallas star wants ring back]

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