Roger Clemens Trades Hooters 34Ds At Golf Course For Gangster Suit [Photo]

In just 7 days – exactly – Roger Clemens went from playing in the Hooters Tour Victoria, Texas Pro-Am to a D.C. federal courthouse jury selection for his perjury trial. Yesterday, Clemens traded the cargo shorts below his knees for a pinstriped gangster suit that accentuated his bloated neckline. Things today were much better, as The Rocket went a little easier on the intimidating clothing, choosing a simple ensemble. Notice he’s looking like a certain Gov.? JUMP!

Our Coed partner, Steve, sent a message this morning:

Esquire is saying he looks like Chris Christie. I kinda see it too.

That would be the New Jersey governor with a flapjack neckline, too. You be the judge.

In other news, Rusty Hardin played the “can’t get a fair trial” card this morning, just 24 hours after Casey Anthony defied the odds of avoiding the death penalty.

The federal judge presiding over Roger Clemens’s perjury trial raised his voice and showed his frustration Wednesday, questioning why the United States House of Representatives has not turned over an audio tape of Clemens’s 2008 deposition, even though a transcript of the proceedings was already evidence in the case.

Judge Reggie Walton of United States District Court said the tape should be included in the evidence at the trial if the defense wants it and that Congress appeared to be hiding behind technicalities in its effort to keep the tape to itself. He said the lack of transparency might undermine the integrity of the entire legal process in the eyes of the public.

Yes, boring stuff. Totally need more Clemens grabbing Hooters chicks. Thanks for wasting our time, government.

[Clemens Trial Begins With Dispute Over Audio Tape]

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