Kevin Durant Hits Jumpers, Doesn’t Have To Dunk On Kid At Camp [Video]

Late last week there was some buzz around LeBron James dunking on a kid to win a game of Knockout at a basketball camp. ESPN, trying to fill 600 hours of programming, had Skip Bayless dissecting what this means to NBA history and LeBron‘s legacy. PTI had a scrum with the video. Was Cowherd busy playing “the other shoe” and defending LeBron? No idea, wasn’t listening. Meanwhile, Kevin Durant held a camp. And crushed a kid by actually draining jumpers.

Posted: July 3, 2011

Premise of Video: This is supposed to be in Austin, Tx where parents paid big money for their kid to rub elbows with Kevin Durant and maybe play a game of Knockout against him. $200 got a kid through the doors.

Climax of Video: Unlike Bron Bron missing two jumpers in Knockout, Durant steps back and drains. Twice. And look at the timing of the second shot.

Conclusion: At least little Zach lost fair and square. Good for him. At least 10 years from now he’ll be able to sit around a camp fire and tell the story of how he took Kevin Durant to the brink in Knockout and didn’t lose to a cheatin’ NBA fool.

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