Alabama QB AJ McCarron Gets Ridiculous ‘Bama Boy Tattoo On Chest [Photo]

Late last week before most Twitter dorks shut down their operations for the three-day holiday pre-Casey Anthony verdict, Tennessee talking head Clay Travis was wondering about a tattoo. He, specifically, was talking about the rumor that Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron was sportin’ a ‘Bama Boy’ Jesus tat on his back. Well, after a little digging it has come to our attention that the tat does belong to McCarron, but it’s on his chest.

There you go, Bama Nation. Your future QB hero isn’t only sportin’ that wicked chest tat, but look at that summer beer gut. Sweet! As we always say, never let the comb-over fool you about some of these guys. Most are closet hard asses.

Roll Tide!

[Update: Kudos to FOTP for the Facebook trollin’]


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