9 Greatest Tweets From Lorenzo Neal DUI Witness Kevin Spring

In case you are just getting up or missed this morning’s Cuff ‘Em, let us reintroduce you to Kevin Spring, the key witness in the Lorenzo Neal 4th of July DUI incident in Fresno, California. Spring, as close to a modern day Jeff Spicoli as you’ll see on the nightly news, stole our hearts with his key witness testimony to ABC30 (VIDEO HERE – MUST SEE). Of course we sent our own i-Team in search of this instant legend and found his Twitter account. Let’s just say we’re even more smitten.

While our Indian researchers can’t pinpoint his sexuality, Spring wastes little time in his Twitter timeline (not active since ’10) talking about penis, vagina, drugs and sports. It’s like this guy could write for Busted Coverage, minus the penis garbage.

Little did we expect to find out that Spring is a sports fan, he only follows/followed 21 accounts including: Lamar Odom, Shaq, Steve Nash, Gary Payton, Derek Fisher and Dwight Howard.

If there was ever a sports version on Antoine Dodson, here is your guy. Now we just need a video genius to tackle the project. Feel like auto tuning Spring’s interview? Drop us a line.

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