Watch This Kid Lose His Virtual Virginity To Heidi Watney [Video]

First it was the fat Kansas kid distracting viewers during an Erin Andrews sideline report. Now we get a fan yesterday at the Blue Jays-Red Sox game giving us his approval of all things Heidi Watney. Smart move, kid. Way to recognize that Heidi was on the hot camera and that you were conveniently left in the shot. Look, we’ve always been big fans of Erin Andrews but Watney is just killing it with the sleeveless, tanned shoulders look. And that hair bouncing around like a wheat field in Dubuque, Iowa – perfect.

Posted: Yesterday

Premise of Video: (via vlogger) “Boy oogles female reporter while she talks about Jose Bautista at MLB game Toronto Blue Jays vs Boston Red Sox”

Climax of Video: It’s 16-seconds. Hang in there.

Conclusion: It’s July 5 and we’re really struggling this afternoon to come up with some cute conclusion. Make up your own.

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