Terrelle Pryor Parade Float Includes Fake, Blind Jim Tressel [Photos]

The Internets are buzzing this morning over yesterday’s July 4th parade antics in Upper Arlington, Ohio where it was laud Jim Tressel’s day. However, the real parade gold near Columbus on the 4th was in tony neighborhood Dublin where the 28th annual Doo Dah Parade also featured spoof parade floats such as the Fine Lyin’ Tattoos skit, complete with a politically incorrect blind, fake Jim Tressel.

Recent Ohio Governor Ted Strickland was sitting along the Dublin parade route and got all patriotic about how great it is to be American and maybe laugh at a blind Jim Tressel.

“Whether we are at the Doo Dah parade or at one of Ohio’s more traditional parades, this a good time to celebrate who we are as Americans and to understand that the freedoms we have came at a great price,” said Former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland.

There you have it, soldiers. Fight those Tal-e-bans so these Ohioans can continue to dwell on a cheating football coach and a tattoo tradin’ QB.

If you think making fun of blind football coaches isn’t bad enough, the idiots in Upper Arlington went with the disturbing sweater-vest wearing little kids and blow-up Brutus. Then there was the Rockwell-ian moment with the Ohioan in a sleeveless shirt trying to rip Pryor from a convertible.

Be careful, Ohio. A few more moments like this and Alabama will lose its title as America’s biggest redneck football state.

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