Ohio Breast Milk Machine Gunner Fired From Teaching Job [Cuff ‘Em]

You had to figure the story of Stephanie Robinette blasting cops with her breast milk would not end well for the Columbus, Ohio educator. She had been a second and third grade teacher until getting loaded at a wedding reception, exposing a breast and going John Rambo on the fuzz. As we told you it would, the story flew around the world at warp speed. It seems her employer wasn’t impressed and decided it was time to part ways.

From the Columbus Dispatch:

She was fired in a letter dated Wednesday and obtained by The Dispatchyesterday through a public-records request. Her case has been referred for review by state officials, who could revoke her teaching license because of “conduct unbecoming” an educator.

In the form used to report misconduct to the state, school officials wrote, “Because of the bizarre nature of the crimes, news of Ms. Robinette’s actions quickly spread via the Internet.”

The school attached printouts from several news outlets, including a Canadian news site, the Times of India and a Los Angeles television station.

So now, not only can kids in school be kicked off sports teams for actions unbecoming of a model student, but teachers can get canned, too. And let’s not forget that it was her husband that called cops to get Stephanie under control.

Our advice: divorce. Tomorrow. Ok, so there are kids. Big deal. You really want to be hooked up with a chick who can drop a cop with milky spray from 20 yards? Not us. Imagine getting home late from the bar. Your ass will be taking cover behind the sectional couch as Steph is unloading mortar milk bombs. Your call, buddy.

[Academy fires teacher after breast-milk incident]

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