Flashers Daysi Araujo & Irina Grandez To Paint Minge For Peru National Team [Photos]


We’ve identified the two Peruvian tarts who flashed their gigantic fake boobs during yesterday’s Peru-Uraguay Copa America match and they have a Larissa Riquelme-like promise for you.

Riquelme, who bears similar traits to our Peruvian friends and gained fame after being photographed with her cell phone between her breasts at last summer’s World Cup, promised to bare her assets if her home-country Paraguay team won the tournament.

That didn’t happen, but we’ve got something new to focus on courtesy of Irina Grandez, a model of some sort, and Daysi Araujo, a showgirl. The women have been identified as yesterday’s flashers.

Araujo has promised to strip and paint her naked body to honor her home team, at least that’s what we got out of our translator.

“I paint my Machu Picchu (private area) and my breasts look naked. I do everything because I love my Peru and Peruvians,” she said.

So far, the breasts seem to be working. Peru battled to a 1-1 draw with World-Cup runner up Uraguay on Monday.

Here’s a little more of Irina, followed by a gallery for your enjoyment.

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