Doc Rivers’ Hot Daughter Callie Reacts To Casey Anthony Verdict [Photos]


Boston Celtics coach Doc Rivers has done a few things right in his day. Perhaps most impressive is his daughter Callie, a 5-11 volleyball player who graduated from Florida in 2010. See, we can pretty much take any subject today and make it sports-related because there isn’t a human under-35 not reacting to the Casey Anthony verdict.

Rivers is currently pursuing a professional volleyball career and reportedly used to date New England Patriots linebacker and former Gator, Brandon Spikes.

Of course you are here to see what Doc Rivers’ daughter looks like. Not us. We want to see what’s going on in her head with the tragic news that Ms. Anthony won’t have a needle stuck in her arm.

Now for the photos. Thanks for sticking around.

[Callie Rivers – Twitter]

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