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25 Greatest Athlete Twitter Reactions To Casey Anthony Not Guilty Verdict

It’s the 1st court case that has turned Twitter into a frenzied hotbed of human reaction. People are freaking out from coast-to-coast. Normal, boring people are interacting with multi-millionaire athletes over the Casey Anthony verdict. Emotions are high. Chris DiMarco, a white golfer, is dropping O.J. references. Football players want to know how Plax had to go to jail and Casey walks. It’s pandemonium. People are FREAKING!

Hands down favorite athlete reaction of the day has to be Donte Stallworth, 10th screencap below. Priceless.

Those are the words of a guy who was thrown in jail for DUI manslaughter.

Still waiting on Plaxico or Vick to react. That’ll cap this day off for all of us.


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