Joe Johnson Gives His F-650 Super Truck A Paint Job [Morning Twitpics]

Our old buddy on Twitter, Homer Bush, actually went to work this morning figuring out the latest from the world of athlete rides and came up with images of Joe Johnson’s F-650. That Green Monster, we believe is the same F-650 that made its initial splash way back in 2008 when Johnson debuted the 200-gallon tank beast. The estimated cost of this thing, in ’08, was nearly $179,000. No biggie when your contract is 6-years, $119mm.

The boys from were all over Johnson’s appearance last week at a basketball camp:

Johnson’s truck was parked outside Bud Walton Arena on Tuesday. He was visiting with participants at Mike Anderson’s basketball camp.

During a Q&A session Johnson was asked by a kid attending camp: “How much did you pay for your car?” Johnson, of course, declined to answer. Johnson was later asked by an incoming basketball player why he “makes more than Kobe [Bryant].”

This NBA lockout is going to be so much fun!

[Joe Johnson Is Still Riding ‘Up High in His Super Truck’]