Dennis Siver Had Blond Hair, Blue Eyes At Start Of UFC 132 Fight [Photo]

The Internets are abuzz this morning after UFC 132 and the Dennis Siver-Matt Wiman fight for two reasons: (a.) Siver’s face looked like a 1986 WWF cage match broke out on his forehead, and (b.) Dennis Siver won the fight via the judge scorecards. Oh, and did we mention Siver is Russian & gets the W on a holiday weekend? Get ready to see much more of the Russian Bloodbath, says CageWriter’s Steve Cofield.

According to Cofield, Wiman was so distraught at the decision he stormed completely out of the MGM Garden Arena to get some cool Las Vegas air.

When the decision was announced Wiman ripped his hand away from the referee, stormed out of the cage and actually left the building. The loser eventually came back after walking around the parking lot.

“I did a lot of damage. Maybe he got the decision because he threw more punches, but they weren’t effective. Effective striking and grappling is what they say and he didn’t have that at all,” said Wiman.

For Siver to escape with a win was huge. Because of a his slugging style, the Russian fighting out Germany is a  promotion and fan favorite.

So there you have it, the bloody guy won and becomes a Dana favorite. In other news, pretty boy Urijah Faber lost a decision in his fight with Dominick Cruz. Ho hum.

[Siver edges Wiman in a tight decision, loser storms out of the building]