U.S. Strip Clubs, Baby Mamas Take Huge Hit; NBA Lockout Is On! [Burnt Toast]

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The Greatest Tweets in the History of the Internet* (In the Past 24 Hours)

The Millionaire Pissing Match

@KamPashi: Still holding hope that Derek Fisher puts together some kind of miracle deal at the buzzer and runs out of NBA offices with 1 finger in the air.

F That. As a Spurs fan, I was pulling for the Owners as soon as I found that assassin was on the Players board.

@KBurg_NBA: BREAKING: Owners have informed players they are locking out. 

Not a surprising development. This was a while in the making. Now, I don’t believe that 22 or the 30 teams were losing money, but I do believe that small market owners knew that they couldn’t allow the league to continue at this pace, and neither did David Stern. Now it comes down to who breaks first, and I pretty sure the NBA owners savings accounts look healthier than the players.

@ChrisMannixSI: Again, save your sympathy for trainers, equipment managers and team and arena support staff that will be seriously hurt by work stoppage.

Agreed. While strip clubs and Mercedes’ dealerships might

@FakeCoachPop: This lockout is going to get ugly, I already got a call from Dejuan Blair asking for a loan.

I knew Fake Coach Pop would weigh in on the lockout. And all joking aside, this shit is going to happen. Paycheck will stop immediately. Which is not going to bode well for about 98.4% of the league. You are going to see some serious IOU’s.

@Netw3rk: “Will Plank for food” – NBA Players

#NBALockoutJobs was pretty solid trending topic on Twitter today. Take a few minutes, and check it out. And yes…..Stan Van Gundy was nominated roughly 6,328 times as a Ron Jeremy stunt double.

@JMcDonald_SAEN: It’s lockout time. Will write for food. Anyone need a good metaphor? C’mon, man … I’ll conjugate your verbs, man.

Another NBA lockout casualty…..Basketball beat writers.

@AndyGlockner: Easy solution to NFL and NBA labor issues: Just stop paying players entirely and force them also to take classes while they play

But wait….that’s what the NCAA does….I don’t underst……OHHHHHHH. I see what you did there. Bravo Sir. Bravo.


Foul Mouthed Hilarious Sports Chick Follow Of The Day:


Just trust me on this one…..You won’t be disappointed.

Example: We all have that one person on Twitter that does not leave you the fuck alone no matter how hard you try to ignore them. A bit ridiculous.

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