LeBron Misses Jumper, Stuffs Dunk In Basketball Camper’s Face [Video]

So LeBron James found himself at The Richard Stockton College yesterday for a boy’s basketball camp with a few other big name NBAers. But none of the other NBAers turned in a performance like Bron Bron. The Internets are exploding after a video of LeBrick shooting hoops with the boys hit YouTube. The big news? Bron misses a couple shots from the top of the key and then proceeds to posterize a young boy who will never forget June 30, 2011.

Posted: Yesterday

Premise of Video: LeBron is just doing his thing so parents can validate the $300 they spent on little Jamal going to basketball camp that would have totally paid for airfare to Vegas. Bron misses his jumpers, gets his own rebounds and BOOM!

Climax of Video: Taste that, kid. How’s it feel to have an NBA Hall-of-Famer stuffing leather in your face.

Conclusion: Bron Bron just showing these kids that you must give effort for all 4 quarters. Learn it, kids. It’ll one day make you a champion.

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