JaMarcus Russell House For Sale; Sad #2 Jersey Still Hanging In LR [Photos]

While there have been many sad moments in the life of JaMarcus Russell (like burning through 1st-overall cash) is the fact that the house he has for sale in Oakland is now online for all to see. That’s usually not embarrassing, but when your worthless jersey is still hanging above the fireplace, it signals failure. Just a hunch – Tom Brady doesn’t have one of his framed jerseys hanging above his fireplace.

The Purple Drank House includes:

• 5884 sq. ft.

• 4 garages!

• 6 bed, 5 bath

• Quiet, Serene and Private Living. Stunning views of the Bay

• A JaMarcus Russell jersey if want it

• $1,600,000

That’s roughly $10,000 per month with 10% down. Good luck finding a bank to let you throw 10% down on $1.6mm these days. Zillow has this pad estimated to be worth $2.6mm so don’t wait. Snatch it and save JaMarcus from losing it to the bank.

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