Former Tenn. Vols Center Popped For 3rd Time In 2 Years [Cuff ‘Em]

Normally we’d cruise right over the story of a former Tennessee Volunteers’ scrub who’s had some run-ins with the law. But, damn, look at that sick comb-over, South of the Mason-Dixon Line haircut. Sick, bro. Cameron Mayo is 25 and pretty much taking his life down a dangerous road where he’ll miss a couple seasons of Vols’ football while sitting in a jail. That guy is such a punk, he’d even steal a fridge from a storm victim.

Full details from the Dalton Daily Citizen:

Cameron Mayo, 25, of a Michigan Avenue Road address in Cleveland, was charged on Tuesday with aggravated burglary and theft over $500, according to Bob Gault of the Bradley County (Tenn.) Sheriff’s Office.

A homeowner in the east Cleveland neighborhood of Mill Creek Trail reported jewelry, approximately $200 in change and two prescription medication bottles were taken after entry was made through a window on June 21, according to a news release.

“The following day property crimes detectives discovered two of the missing pieces of jewelry had been sold to a scrap metals dealer,” Gault said in the release. “Further investigation revealed Mayo had assisted the homeowner with making some minor repairs and had been to the residence during the previous month.”

For those of you dorks out there who track college footballers like a cougar tracking its prey, here is Mayo’s profile.

Two pieces of jewelry sold to a scrap metals dealer? Like that must earn one enough to smoke a couple crack rocks. Not saying Mayo smokes crack, but sounds like the bro has a habit to us. Petty theft, to fridge theft, to jewelry theft. Your call, Mayo. You better hope those guys in prison aren’t Alabama fans.

[Man arrested for theft of refrigerator now faces burglary charges]

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