Pouncey Planking Getting Too Gay Via This Fridge 3-Way Train? [Photos]

PEOPLE, REMAIN CALM. THE PLANKING FAD WILL END. Might be tomorrow. Might be over the three-day weekend. Might end July 22. Rest assured, it’ll end. But for now, roll with it. Embrace it. Never before in the history of the Internet have we seen more photographs of black athletes NOT in a jail then right now. Um, but have the Pouncey twins officially taken this fad too far? A triple plank on top of a fridge? Too gay?

Mike and Maurkice Pouncey are just two bored brothers looking to use their talents to impress the Plankin’ crazed nation with twin planks & a third wheel.

One follower of Mike’s took exception of the Plank Train:

Now, now kids. If you can’t Plank and tweet nicely it’s time to put away the iPhone. But, guys, it’s getting a little too gay.