MC Hammer Bobblehead Night & David Stern Is A G Thang [Burnt Toast]

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The Greatest Tweets in the History of the Internet* (*In the last 24 Hours)

NBA Labor Breakdance Showdown

@KJ_NBA: Hunter vs Stern is like Glass Joe fighting Tyson.

Poor Billy Hunter, he’s the Buster Douglas going into this NBA Labor fight with David Stern. No other commissioner in the history of sports has had their respective sport by the balls more than Stern. I full expect Stern to wake up this morning, but on the Godfather soundtrack, and light up a cigar halfway through the meetings. It’s gonna get ugly.

@JMcDonald_SAEN: Then there’s this: “They’re asking for a deal worse than hockey’s, which is considered to be the worst CBA in sports history,” Bonner said.

And what happened when Hockey didn’t work out their labor agreement? Yeah, they are on Channel 8,423 on Direct TV now. I like Matt Bonner of the Spurs, one of the savvy guys in a sea of freakishly talented yet dumb athletes. Take the deal players….if not, do you know how many baby mama’s will go hungry next year?


You know that Stern woke up this morning ready to kick some ass… we threw it out to our @BustedCoverage Fans. What’s on Stern’s Playlist for the big NBA Labor Meeting

  • @MadCowHeff: Damn it Feels Good To Be A Gangsta – Geto Boys
  • @HeartlessJersey: 99 Problems – Jay Z
  • @Mojavi74 – Harvester of Sorrows – Metallica
  • @MikeBee7 – Hard Out Here for a Pimp – Three 6 Mafia
  • @BustedCoverage: Nothing but a G’ Thang – Snoop Dogg

Speaking of that. To hell with Basketball Wives, I want to see a show called Basketball Baby Mama’s. You see, Basketball Wives have somewhat of an image to maintain……Basketball Baby Mama’s? Not so much. You air that show right after Maury Povich, and you’ll have a ratings BONANZA!!!!

Rap BobbleHeads!

@YankeeMelinPHL: MC Hammer bobblehead night in Oakland? Really?

Yes…..the Oakland A’s are going to have a MC Hammer bobblehead night. Truthfully, I’m a little pissed off. There is only one artist from Oakland that should have a bobblehead night……That is Too Short! More albums than MC Hammer, and much more of a life coach than Hammer EVER WAS!

Other Sports BobbleHead Nights:

  • @SteveSpoiler: NY Mets: Ol’ Dirty Bastard Bobblehead Night
  • @BogartBurgh: Indiana Pacers: Snow Bobblehead Night
  • @PeterBurnsRadio: Cleveland Indians: Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Bobblehead Night
  • @Jyz77: LA Dodgers: Ice Cube or N.W.A. Bobblehead Night
  • @LarzHernandez: Houston Astros: DJ Screw Bobblehead Night

@SportsbyBrooks: Reggie Bush betrays Heisman Trust, elects to not return actual Trophy

And this is to surprise us how? Why give it back? Reggie got the money, got the ring, got the trophy. You’d have to pry it from my dead hands. Finally a topic I agree with Reggie Bush on.

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