Falcons LB Akeem Dent: Not Me Planking Cop Car [Morning Twitpics]

June 27-July 1, 2011 will forever be remembered as the week when black athletes took planking to the next level with a varied of planks that were both stupid and then others that were pieces of art. Take Atlanta Falcons LB (2011 draft pick) Akeem Dent’s Twitter account last night. Dude uploaded two photos and left us with these messages: “Im against all this #plankin but when u plankin on a police car u get mad respect!!!! Aint nobody gpnna top that” and “All I can say is #plankin to the max!!! Yes the man let us do it”

But alas, Dent says that’s not him on top of the Sarasota police cruiser.

no thats not me but someone else I aint crazy now

The former Georgia Bulldoger says the cop gave his boy the go-ahead to plank the car and that the episode was all good. Wheew, glad we didn’t end up last night with a draft pick in jail on conspiracy to plank a cruiser. Or a draft pick planking a cruiser in anticipation for a future crime.

In the end, hall of fame effort.