DeSean Jackson’s 17-Minute $10,000 Bar Bill [Photo]

And the trend of uploading bar bills to Twitter rolls on with DeSean Jackson showing off his trip to The Colony the other night. The final tally: 17 minutes after pulling into da club = $10,335.82. Look, all for these ballers bragging about how much they spent on booze. Would totally be doing the same thing. But, guys, at least black out those bottled waters tallying $48. That just screams moron. On the other hand, the 4 Ace of Spades commands respect.

Our buddies at Crossing Broad have the tweet that Jackson dropped (before deleting and probably thinking about saying he was hacked).

So what we’ve learned today is that it’s possible to drop a brand new Kia 4-cylinder in a L.A. bar within 17 minutes and that rax means thousands. Our street cred just skyrocketed. Wait until we drop some of this lingo at the BW3.