Larry Adamczyk’s Porky’s Day At The Gym: Grab Ass & Flops It Out [Cuff ‘Em]


What exactly goes through ones head to go to the local gym and figure Monday is a perfect day to expose his junk and play grab ass with other dudes? Meet Larry Adamczyk. He’s in some trouble for doing exactly that at an Illinois fitness center where he left a path of straight men disturbed and violated, the local fuzz alleges. We’ve already tracked down the guy’s Facebook account and he doesn’t hide his bi-sexuality. Must have been one of those days. reports:

Adamcyzk is accused of inappropriately touching three men who were working out and playing basketball inside the gym, according to police. Witnesses also told police that he exposed himself while walking around various areas within the building.

The off-duty officer, who was working out in the facility, said he saw some of the events happen and had taken Adamcyzk into custody by the time other officers arrived, according to police.

Look, if we’re shooting hoops and some dude walks up to cop a feel, his ass is getting knocked out. How exactly did this guy end up at jail without a broken nose? And what’s up with Frosted Tips smirking during the booking process. First you go on a junk grabbing expedition and then smirk in the face of heterosexuality. Asshole. Remind us to spot you the next time you try to bench 225. Enjoy choking on the steel bar, bitch.

[Police: Rockford Man Arrested For Gym Groping]

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