Greatest Chinese Male Cheerleader – EVER [Video]

There was some debate within the Busted Coverage office as to if this video was old or if Chinese cheerleader dude was making his American debut today. BC reader, Brian emailed it in and says, “Love the site.  Thought this was pretty funny.” Funny? When is the last time you saw a male cheerleader wearing the female uniform with such vigor and excitement? Off the top of our foggy heads, never. Watch as Zhou Pu’s (a name we’ve given him) dominates the floor and earns his new worldwide fame.

Posted: Yesterday on YouTube; First appeared on Chinese YouTube

Premise of Video: All we know is that this guy is what we told you – nothing. He’s doing his thing. His Chinese sisters do theirs. Dude owns it. What else can possibly be said?

Climax of Video: Do yourself a favor, watch it all and hope little Billy isn’t impressed.

Conclusion: $100 says he’s not straight.

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