SI Swimsuit Model Chrissy Teigen 9/11 Joke Totally Bombs [Burnt Toast]

Burnt Toast

The Greatest Tweets in the History of the Internet* (*In the last 24 hours)


@ESPN4D: Sources: Kentucky to extend John Calipari’s contract by two years – ESPN

Someone find me a kitten. Better yet, a baby wildcat, so I can drop-kick it across the room. Actually on second thought….I can’t rip Kentucky. The NCAA is the one to blame. If it really cared about integrity, John Calipari wouldn’t be allowed within 200 yards of a University. Reason number #5,338 why the NCAA is a joke

@BryanDFisher: College coaches salaries: Nick Saban ($5.9m) Mack Brown ($5.1m), John Calipari ($4.5m), Bob Stoops ($4.3m)

Remember kids if you are going to cheat, make sure you win!!!! If you do, you too can be filthy rich!

@SportsByBrooks: New Ole Miss Rebel Tweeted he traded his Range Rover for new truck. On 1st day of class. [Account now deleted]

Nothing to see here…..everyone move along. I’m always interested in 1 of 2 Twitter Defenses. Either the “My Account Got Hacked” which is still the Gold Standard when it comes to bad PR from Twitter, and the nuclear option of just deleting the account. As if that doesn’t raise more eyebrows.

Twitter Potpourri

@RealSkipBayless: Today tried to convince Texans’ Eric Winston that Houston’s hometown hero Vince Young would take Texans to playoffs. Schaub not the answer.

@RealSkipBayless: Vince Young: national championship game MVP, 2 PBowls, 30-17 as NFL starter. Enough said. GIVE THE MAN ANOTHER CHANCE. In Houston.

Damn….If only I could get paid $600,000 a year to be such a fount of football knowledge. Vince Young was a fine player in college. Mentally and physically not gifted enough to play on a high NFL level. The notion that Young is better than Schaub makes baby Jesus cry.

@DDockett: So you gonna lie and say I’m speeding then you wanna search my car! Get the F*ck ouutta here! Better go get a warrant *turns up radio*

Lovely……Darnell Dockett got pulled over today, and decided to tweet the entire traffic stop. Above was one of his gems. I guess you can’t be surprised when the website he has linked to account is I’m assuming that’s NSFW.

@ChrissyTeigen – Classy

Really Chrissy? I mean really?……

@ChrissyTeigen: If you’re ever having trouble falling asleep, ask a new yorker what they were doing on 9/11.

OH. MY. Set the bar awfully high with that one Miss Teigen……Let’s just say that didn’t go over well which lead to this….

@ChrissyTeigen: That’s making fun of the storytellers not 9/11. I often say offensive things but if that angered you then you’re the one with the 8 hr story

No. I’m pretty sure I’m offended about the mocking of 9/11 New Yorker stories…..she continues…..

@ChrissyTeigen: jesus christ. replace “9/11” with “jfk assassination” or “michael jackson’s death” and relax.

So 9/11 = JFK Assassination = Michael Jackson’s Death…….okayyyyyyy.

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