Rehoboth Beach Legend Nick Pappas & Fart Machine Busted [Cuff ‘Em]


As we mentioned a few days back, weird things happen on the beaches of this nation when the temps hit 85 and the nutjobs try to escape the lack of air conditioning. Take the case of the ultimate Rehoboth Beach (Delaware) 81-year-old Nick Pappas (seen above). He’s known as the “Old Fart” and loves fart jokes and to use his fart machine on unsuspecting tourists. The problem for Nick came late last week when he decided to use the fart machine on life guards. Not good, Nick.


But on June 22, Rehoboth Beach lifeguards didn’t find Pappas’ tricks very amusing.

According to Chief Keith Banks of the Rehoboth Beach Police Department, Pappas was arrested at about 3:15 p.m. for disorderly conduct, after allegedly he refused to leave the lifeguard station.

“He came in with his fart machine, which was interfering with transmission because the lifeguards couldn’t hear the radio,” Banks said. “He was asked to leave but he (proceeded to) squirt the lifeguards with water and began yelling and cursing in front of children.”

Pappas, once an amusement, is now becoming more of a dirty old geezer and the locals are starting to become annoyed with the antics.

Pappas said there’s no way his fart machine interfered with the lifeguards’ radio transmission because the noise only lasts four or five seconds and isn’t very loud. He added police confiscated his machine to use as evidence in Pappas’ July 6 court appearance.

That’s right, his fart machine has been taken away. It’s sad when drastic measures have to be taken, but it’s a great chance for Pappas to join the 21st Century and go online with his fart operations. Just think of all the fart machine options online. 10 minutes on the Fart Sound Board and Nicky will be hooked. Promise.

[Rehoboth’s ‘Old Fart’ fixture arrested]

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