Nebraska WR Brandon Kinnie Basketball Hoop Planking Is Best Ever? [Photos]


If you listen to NFL Draft sites such as, you’d know that Nebraska WR Brandon Kinnie is ranked as the 41st WR available for the 2012 Draft. Yes, that’s too many uses of Draft in one sentence. Deal with it. Anyway, Kinnie could play in the NFL, but we figure he’ll now be forever known as the first college football player to pull off the regulation basketball hoop planking. Yes, this is now the 3rd planking post today on BC. Deal with it.

BC isn’t here to get googly eyed over some Big 11 WR. Just here to report on the guy who has officially taken planking and college athletics into the 21st Century. This is the real deal.

This is not a fake pic people! This is legit athletic/planking ability! Hahahahah! Hooping plank! Leggggooo!

There you go. The guy is padding his athletic resume with antics that’ll surely impress NFL GMs who are looking for a WR who has abilities above the rim.

But there’s more from Kinnie. Car planking!

Lasbre plank! Ayyyyyeeee! Lmaoooo!

While Kinnie is a complete moron for risking his life on a basketball hoop, we totally approve of the LeSabre planking. Just look at the precision technique. The nose into the roof. Concentration. If that guy can’t pull down 5-6 a game in the NFL, nobody can.

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