Joe Flacco Marries High School Girlfriend Dana Grady [Photo]


Big news from the NFL Lockout® front where QBs are getting married at a dizzying rate. Joe Flacco went very low key over the weekend and managed to get married with only 2-3 Twitter messages even mentioning it – and no photos! The lucky lady is Dana Grady, his high school girlfriend of 9 years. Nope, she doesn’t have a unibrow. That’s her with Vanilla Ice Situation. Seems like a lovely lady. What else can we report? The couple was registered at Crate & Barrel and at Macy’s where you can still buy the lovebirds a gift, such as the Presto Big Griddle.

The Baltimore Sun has even more details they could slap together from their “sources” firmly planted within the Ravens ‘scene.’

Flacco and Grady started going out at the end of his senior year of Audubon (N.J.) High School and have been dating for nine years. The wedding took place in the same church where Flacco’s parents were married.

According to a wedding website with their names, they are registered at Crate and Barrel. Flacco and Grady haven’t immediately gone on a honeymoon.

Ravens tight ends Todd Heap and Dennis Pitta tried to attend the wedding, but their flights were cancelled in Atlanta.

Seriously, Heap missed the wedding? Who doesn’t fly in the night before. Weak. And no honeymoon? C’mon, ‘brow. This lockout is going to end and you won’t be getting any rays on those pale legs. Gotta build a base, brother.

$100 to the first person to drop a unibrow wedding brow pic on us.

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[Flacco ties the knot]

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