Wes Welker Still Dating Hooters Model Anna Burns [24 Photos]

Wes Welker and Anna Burns are still together. The two were first outed way back in January of 2010 & relationship updates could be literally counted on one hand. So imagine our glee this morning when we saw Dickie V. with the couple at this weekend’s Miss Hooters International pageant. Burns has a non-existent online profile and Welker hasn’t updated his Twitter account since May 28. We actually beat the Boston Globe to a gossip piece!

It’s not that the Burns’ photos are brand new, but haven’t exactly been seen by the masses.

What can we tell you about Welker-Burns time in Miami? Nothing. He had a VIP passs. Other than that, Twitter has been silent. Google News is silent. The Boston Globe, well we already addressed them.

Have more info about Anna’s weekend in Miami? Send it in, we’ll update BC Nation.


[HT: Bikini.com]

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